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Quality, Hand Crafted Shepherd Huts
Shepherd hut sketch
Shepherd hut sketch

Frequently asked questions

We've listed some of the common questions we receive about our shepherd huts below. If you have any further questions then please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Are the huts covered by guarantees?

Yes, absolutely. For full details please see our warranty page. Our work is carried out by craftsmen and professional tradesmen who pride themselves on the quality of the shepherd huts. We offer a 10 year guarantee on the steel chassis, wheels, hut structure, roof and wall sheets. We will also provide you with a pack on delivery with all the manaufacturers warranties for any appliances fitted. The electrical system is certified and guaranteed, as is the stove, if one is fitted.

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Can the Hut be Towed?

We use traditional iron wheels which are intended only to support the hut and allow some maneouvrability to place the hut on its final site. The hut chassis is not road-worthy and must not be towed on any hard surface or road or for any distance. However, we do offer towable hut options; please ask for details.

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Do I Need Planning Permission?

We would advise that you seek planning advice from the local planning authority as rules can be different in different areas. We would be happy to advise and support any planning permission queries.

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Do I Need a Concrete Base to Stand the Hut on?

No. We suggest a length of timber under each wheel to help spread the load and stop the hut from sinking into soft ground. Alternatively, there are other methods such as using rubber mats or wood chip. This can be discussed and planned at point of ordering.

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Will You Deliver My Hut?

Yes. We can deliver to most parts of the United Kingdom but we do need to know if the hut is intended for an area where accessibility is more complicated. We have delivered to a variety of different settings and love a challenge. However, if you think your delivery site is difficult to access, please make us aware so that we can assess the site, as we can't be held liable for any damage.

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How Do I Pay?

To reserve your slot in our building programme, once we have agreed your wishes and specifications, we ask for a holding deposit of £500 at the time the order is placed. Then, when we are about to start work, we will require 25% of the balance remaining, including any optional extras. Then 25% in stages until the balance is clear based upon the build time of the project*

We will require the full balance to be cleared before delivery of the hut/huts.

*This payment schedule may vary depending on the build time.

We will accept cheques but bank transfer is our preferred method of payment. As an estimate, it takes between four and six weeks for the build. We will keep you informed all the way using e-mail or post. Then all you have to do is enjoy your new hut!